📕A quick look at note taking on Mac and Windows

This is an interesting turn of events, two developers I work with bought Macs during Black Friday sales, and wanted to know some of the software I use, including note taking. Another developer, no Mac yet, wanted to know what I used for note taking on Windows because Notepad++ is unruly with too many tabs. Through sharing my screen, they saw some interesting apps, and figured I was the person to ask. I have an answer for both, so let’s have a look. For me, there are two kinds of notes, short and long term. Short term: Notes that are meaningful for a day, week, or maybe the length of a sprint. They are related to the ticket I’m working on, such as test data, user details, or something that won’t matter a few weeks from now. These notes will be committed to the ticket, so I don’t need to keep them. Long term: Notes I want to archive and […]

📕 A quick look at NoteList 4 by TensionSoftware

I’ve added NoteList 4 by TensionSoftware as a new note taking app to help with the outlines I use when writing blog articles. I already have several note taking apps, so why another? Can’t TaskPaper or DevonThink Office Pro handle this sort of thing? They can indeed, however… TaskPaper handles an outline format nicely, but when you use a single document for multiple articles, it becomes congested and hard to read. It’s a massive wall of text. I would need to make and attach a new TaskPaper document for each article. Not a bad idea, but the management and maintenance is terrible. Further, in order to mark the project, or in my case the article as done, all the items underneath it need to be checked. That’s a ton of clicking. Still, when you look at it in Scrivener, it’s not collapsed, you see all the details again. I should use an outline tool not a list of tasks. DevonThink […]

Speaking of Notability, it’s $1.99 in the Mac App Store

If you're looking for a note taking app that can handle lists, checkboxes, images and hand writing, then Notability is a solid choice and may be even better since the price is a shockingly low $1.99. Notability is very good for putting together lists and checking the items off one by one. It's also easy to organize notes into groups or projects. From there, each project can have multiple notes associated with it. You can highlight text in different colors, add sound recordings and export to a couple of different formats such as PDF and RTF. There is also an iPad version so there will be no problem in creating notes on the Mac then looking them over in the iPad while in a meeting. I have done that a few times and it works well. Again, if you're looking for a good note taking app, Notability is worthing looking at, and now at really low price. Notability for Mac […]

DevonThink – The most powerful note taking application I have ever used

Truth be told, calling DevonThink a note taking app is like saying a Lamborghini is a neat car. In reality, DevonThink is a document management application which note only creates notes, but track documents, images, web pages, RSS Feeds and just about any other file you have on your system. Originally I was stored code snippets in Boostnote and project documents in Freeter. I then had some documents tracked in Pagico and some in mini note. But that is too many notes and too many places to look for them. Then DevonThink came in and stored them all. Since it is document centric, it stored files in it’s own database, or multiple databases. I now have a Project database, a Development database, a Review database and within each is a series of folders with notes, PDF files, documents, spreadsheets, shell scripts, document templates, diagrams, links, source code for Java and SQL, JMeter config files and every other digital note I […]

Notetaking across my Macs with Fiplab Mini Note

Since I now have a collection of Macs, taking notes on one machine, but then using them on another is something that needs to be considered. While Dropbox is the way to transfer big items, it’s not the best for getting meeting notes from the laptop to the desktop. However, using Mini Note by Fiplab makes this very easy. The usual scenario goes like this, I take meeting notes on my MacBook, but then need those on my main machine. Or I find something at home and want it available at work. This is very easy with Mini Note. I can create notes in a new section, put in links or text, then using the built in sync service, the notes are available to all my other machines that have Mini Note installed. It’s automatic and near instantaneous. There is no shortage of note taking tools for the Mac, but I really like Mini Note because it’s lightweight and extremely […]