📕 A quick look at NoteList 4 by TensionSoftware

I’ve added NoteList 4 by TensionSoftware as a new note taking app to help with the outlines I use when writing blog articles. I already have several note taking apps, so why another? Can’t TaskPaper or DevonThink Office Pro handle this sort of thing? They can indeed, however… TaskPaper handles an outline format nicely, but when you use a single document for multiple articles, it becomes congested and hard to read. It’s a massive wall of text. I would need to make and attach a new TaskPaper document for each article. Not a bad idea, but the management and maintenance is terrible. Further, in order to mark the project, or in my case the article as done, all the items underneath it need to be checked. That’s a ton of clicking. Still, when you look at it in Scrivener, it’s not collapsed, you see all the details again. I should use an outline tool not a list of tasks. DevonThink […]