Adding Hemingway Editor to my bag of tricks

Even though it’s an older app, I’ve added Hemingway Editor to my writing tools. This may also prompt the question, but why do that when you have PaperEdit? While they are similar, PaperEdit is more suited to fiction writing, with Hemingway Editor more suited to business/article writing. I’ve put Hemingway Editor to work on my resume and other business emails. The focus is on short, tight, active word sentences. The very thing when looking for a new job. I’ve spent a lot of time writing and rewriting sentences to make them as efficient as possible. PaperEdit does a lot of these same tasks, but it’s not as strict with word choice. For example, Hemingway Editor tags “multiple” as having a simpler alternative. PaperEdit does not. I don’t see that a limitation, but a difference in usage and audience. That’s why I see Hemingway Editor as business centric and PaperEdit as fiction centric. They both work really well, but suit different […]

Improve Your Writing With PaperEdit

When it comes to revising your first draft, whether it be blog article or book chapter, the task can be daunting. Of course, there are tools like spellcheck and grammar check in macOS that are great, but what about other problems like, weak phrases, long sentences, passive voice, hyperbole, and other wording to clean up. While it’s no substitute for manually proofreading, tools like PaperEdit can help you focus your editing efforts on these specific areas. PaperEdit allows you to load or paste text, then highlights sentences that could be improved. As mentioned it will highlight passive voice, long sentences, recycled starting words, and repeated words. At a glance you can see where to focus. You can then cycle through each highlighted passage to see if you agree. I find this a great first step in the revision process. If there’s a rainbow of color, it’s time to make some serious edits. That’s not a bad thing because I know […]