Tools for the QA Engineer

When it comes to web testing, people are familiar with Selenium, Postman, JMeter and others. They’re the staples of heavy testing. But what about when testing has to be done manually. What are the sorts of the tools you bring to the party when you know you’ll have to write everything down by hand and keep a record of what was testing. I was recently going through the tools I use and came up with this short list of essentials. There is always another tool to add to the belt, but at minimum, I wouldn’t start a project without these. Here is a list of my personal favorites. Some of the tools have changed over time and might change again before next year is up. For example, I liked Boostnote, but chose to go with SnippetsLab for the Gists functionality. I think this is a pretty solid list. I’m sure there is plenty of variation with the actual tool names, […]