👨‍💻 XnView or Usher?

Not too long ago I bought Usher for Mac because it was a good way to catalog and play the many MP4 files I have. It has decent features like indexing, video thumbnail and a built in player. However, with a recent update to XnView that indexes MP4 and MKV file formats correctly, was Usher the right way to go? Maybe not. With this XnView update, Usher has started to fall to the wayside. XnView shows video and image thumbnails in various sizes. This in addition to album covers for MP3 files. Further, XnView has a built in video player, image viewer, preview, slideshow and provides details on file data. It’s also very easy to Copy, Move, Rename and Delete files. Additionally, XnView updates folder content on a dynamic basis and doesn’t require me to move files into a special folder to build a database of files. In the end, Usher was a decent purchase, but XnView has almost reached […]

Time for another Bundlehunt sale!

The sales at Bundlehunt.com are always worth checking out with quality software at heavy discounts. And today marks the start of a new sale. There are over 40 apps on offer, with these as some solid standouts. Textsniper Amberlight 2 Timemator Rocket Typist McPlanner MindMap These are useful apps regardless of the work you do. Further, Amberlight is ton of fun to work with. I use it regularly to make abstract wallpaper. Other apps of note are: Aftershot Pro Network Radar Eaglefiler MyDraw If you an interest in any of these, the "Unlock" price is only (2.5, down from the normal )5. It's a good time to pick up some new apps for the new year. Bundlehunt

Software to buy for 2021

Along with a host of adjectives, 2021 will be a big year for productivity and efficiency. From creating templates, to better note taking, to better organization, to increased use of macros and shortcuts. I've did a lot of this for 2020, and it worked out well. I will continue the trend, especially since we will continue to be 100% remote through 2021. Perhaps permanently remote. I have no issue with that, it only means improving my process and workflow. I have an excellent toolset, now I want to focus on my usage to get the most out of them. First step in organization and productivity? Get a Mac. There are simply better software choices available. There isn't one calendaring app, ToDo app, note taking, word processor, or document manager. Each offering comes with different features to suit different kinds of users with different kinds of workflows. There is no one size fits all solution, so there shouldn't be a single […]

Let the Black Friday Sales Begin!

We're off to a good start too. JixiPix just sent out a 40% discount code for their entire product catalog. Because of that, I now own their entire product catalog. Spektral Art really caught my attention and I've used to dozens of times for login buttons, Slack images and the like. That lead me to Portrait Painter, which turns images into very nice oil paintings. These are awesome as backgrounds and digital cards. For a bit of whimsy and background paper effects, Pop Dot Comics is also a fun one. I really hoped there would be a Black Friday sale, and here it is. With their entire collection at hand, the possibilities are quite literally endless. These very nicely hook into Affinity Photo and Designer, which makes editing very convenient. JixiPix

Dozer – Hide menu bar icons on macOS

Over the weekend I desperately needed to hide some of the icons in my menu bar. Things have gotten out of control. The icons I really want to use keep getting pushed off the screen. But like so many things in the Mac world, there is an app for that. A quick search revealed just the tool for the job – Dozer for Mac. It has one job, hide the icons you aren’t using so you can get to the ones you are. It takes just a moment to configure and the results are glorious. My menu bar now has 8 icons rather than 30+. Even better? It’s free. Dozer for Mac