⌘ The power of Text Expansion

Text expansion is so useful and beneficial, it’s part of both macOS and iOS. You can save time and increase accuracy by typing a keyword and having it expand to something longer. Once you get in the flow of the process, the built-in tools might not be powerful enough. They only handle a single line of text and for what I do, I insert blocks of text. For the last 5 years, my text expansion tool has been TypeIt4Me. Gadzooks, where has the time gone? Again, Alfred has this functionality built-in, but I got TypeIt4Me, before I knew what Alfred was. At some point I may switch everything over to Alfred, but I have several dozen expansions across multiple Sets, so I’m content to stay where I am for now. Text expansion is very easy to set up and execute. For example, when working on web automation, I have keywords programmed for loops, decision trees, and frequently used commands that […]

TypeIt4Me version 6.3 available and 30% discount

Here's a good start to 2021. TypeIt4Me comes with a new update and 30% discount sale. If you don't already have a text expansion tool, then you should invest in TypeIt4Me. It's been a staple tool of mine for a couple years now, 3 actually, and has saved days in typing efficiency. Text expansion is perfect for code fragments, product names, company names, email addresses, postal address, SQL code, software names, boilerplate text, and anything else you need to type more than once. TypeIt4Me already has a very reasonable price, but now it's even better. Get your typing productivity in top shape for 2021. TypeIt4Me Discount