👩‍💻 An impressive array of features in DevUtils ⌘

Like several apps in my tool belt, I picked up DevUtils in a Bundlehunt sale. It wasn’t on my original list of tools to get, but the feature set looked really good. It has turned out to be a real gem. And getting more polished with each release. Originally, I was drawn to the JSON formatter, XML Beautify, and Text Diff Checker. I use those all the time in my QA work. Further, it’s just a bad idea to paste company text and code into random websites to get the same functionality. I also became a fan of the RegEx Tester. I can use all the help I can get with RegEx, and this is very handy. I have a tool called Patterns, but if I’m already in DevUtils, why open something else? Further, Pattens hasn’t seen an update in a couple of years. Might not need it, but still, new OS version have come along. DevUtils has regular updates […]

Tracking your progress, or lack thereof with Time Sink

Here is a neat little tool I have added to my bag of tricks. I’ve been curious about how I spend my time. What exactly am I working on during the day? Is it really taking that long? Or am I really getting it done that quickly? Time Sink is an app that’s targeted toward tracking your time, or as the name implies, how you might be wasting your time. Are you spending too much time reading mail, answering Slack messages, messing around with Twitter or Facebook, or trying to adjust your calendar? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or that you aren’t getting enough done in a day, Time Sink can break things down for you. On the flip side, you can also use it to track your progress. How many hours of training did you take on Udemy this month? How many hours of automation develop did you complete in Katalon? How much time did you spend testing that API? […]

Productivity Tools for 2020

As we get 2020 underway, I wanted to list a few of the tools I've been using that make a huge difference in my productivity. I use these on a daily basis and they have proven their worth on multiple occasions. This isn't a complete list, but just about everyone can benefit from these tools. They are extremely powerful in what they do, yet easy to learn and understand. Productivity Tools for 2020 2Do – My choice for task management when testing, for creating checklists, for creating ToDo lists and keeping track of bills and appointments. Alfred – An automation and workflow tools I have recently added that has already saved huge amounts of time. Navigate Finder using the keyboard, set up custom web searches, find files, set up snippets, make a clipboard manager and build workflows. I've made several of my own custom searches and built some very nice workflows. CodeRunner – My choice for writing and testing small […]

CopyLess and PopClip Jump Aboard the Party Barge

Since I’m building up a host of efficiency tools, I’ve added CopyLess 2 and PopClip to my arsenal. At first glance having CopyLess might seem contradictory since Alfred already has a clipboard manager. Under normal circumstances that would be correct, but I want to use a clipboard manager in a slightly different, but very specific way. Since I have multiple monitors (4), I want the clipboard manager to float on a second monitor and be visible at all times. It needs to be on top of other apps and not disappear when it loses focus. When filling out forms and working on certain test scenarios, I want to move back and forth as quickly as possible to copy and paste data. I don’t want to repeatedly press key combinations or go to the menu bar to make my list appear. There are a lot of really good clipboard managers out there, including the one built in to Alfred, but CopyLess […]

Tools for the QA Engineer

When it comes to web testing, people are familiar with Selenium, Postman, JMeter and others. They’re the staples of heavy testing. But what about when testing has to be done manually. What are the sorts of the tools you bring to the party when you know you’ll have to write everything down by hand and keep a record of what was testing. I was recently going through the tools I use and came up with this short list of essentials. There is always another tool to add to the belt, but at minimum, I wouldn’t start a project without these. Here is a list of my personal favorites. Some of the tools have changed over time and might change again before next year is up. For example, I liked Boostnote, but chose to go with SnippetsLab for the Gists functionality. I think this is a pretty solid list. I’m sure there is plenty of variation with the actual tool names, […]