Some fun YouTube content creators I’ve been watching

I’m not sure if more content is being created or I’m simply paying more attention, but I’ve “discovered” some really creators on YouTube as of late. I think a lot of videos are merely done for shock value, but these guys make content that is amusing and educational. For the Mac, I like these channels: Luke Miani/Noah Rubin/Neil Parfitt/Constant Geekery For some musical interludes: Davie504/Ichika Nito/Charles Berthoud/Daniel Thrasher I don’t and can’t play the bass or any other musical instrument, which makes these guys all the more entertaining. For topics related to writing on the Mac: William Gallagher For gaming, especially in the City Builder genre: Raptor/The Spiffing Brit

Neil Parfitt – Someone who is actually using a Mac Pro correctly

There has been a lot of talk about the Mac Pro since it came out. Most of it drivel. There's been admonishment that it's too expensive, it's too powerful, no one has a need for a machine like that. Meanwhile, people like Linus and Jay, build $20k computers, who's sole purpose is to play games, with (multiple) $3000+ video cards and declare what they've done is awesome. Despite this, the Mac Pro is an amazing machine, and several companies have already rushed to make Windows based systems that compete. Linus is practically screaming with joy as he snaps 2TB of ram into a machine so he can open tabs in Google Chrome. A stupid experiment, but the hardware shows other companies are taking the technology of the Mac Pro very seriously. Ironically, it was Linus that pointed me to Neil Parfitt, who actually uses a Mac Pro for work. Real work. Not just someone on YouTube who happened to get […]

Downloading Channels and Playlists with 4K Video Downloader

Downloading videos off YouTube is no major undertaking. There are more apps and plugins to grab videos than you can shake a stick at. However, things get a little more tricky when you want to download all the videos from a channel or in a playlist. My favorite tool for downloading videos is Freemake Video Downloader, but over the past few months and releases some of the features have fallen to the wayside, specifically it’s ability to download playlists. It used to have this feature, but it either no longer works or has been completely removed. Either way, feeding it a playlist URL won’t give you what you want. Strangely, getting an app to pull in a playlist is turning out to be more challenging that I thought. Most apps in fact can’t do it. They either see the URL as bad or will only grab the first item on the list and stop. Even the download managers don’t know […]