👨‍💻 Sticky Password Lifetime AND KeepSolid VPN Lifetime for $30

This is such an incredible deal I thought it was a typo. But, it’s totally legit and goes into the must-have category. If you look around Stacksocial, a Sticky Password Lifetime license is offered for $30 on it’s own. KeepSolid VPN can also be had for $30. That is $30 a piece. This is $30 for the bundle, so it’s buy one, get one free. A password manager is essential these days. You need strong passwords and an easy way to get at them. I’ve just started converting all mine over to Sticky Password. I’ve also got the iOS version. So far it’s turning out to be a nice replacement for Roboform. A VPN isn’t just for connecting to a public WiFi. It’s important to keep your ISP out of your business. $30 for a lifetime license is a shockingly good deal. Both can be had for a limited time at StackSocial. The Lifetime Password Manager & Privacy Subscription Bundle

⌘ Using Rsync and Keyboard Maestro to Merge and Purge thousands of redundant files

A perfect example of combining the power of the Shell and Keyboard Maestro. Quite some time ago I removed my individual external drives from their cases and combined them into several multi-unit drive enclosures. This was very convenient, but led to the issue of many, many duplicates across multiple drives. Consolidating all these files has turned out to be more of a chore than I expected. Merging folders is either a foreign concept or a dirty word. Apps have no idea how to handle it. If I have Drive 1 and Drive 2, if files already exist on Drive 1, simply skip them. If there is a new file, copy it over, but don’t waste time copying something that already exists in the destination. At the end, delete all the files off Drive 2 so I can reclaim the space. Don’t leave it 98% full like it was before. For this task, only a handful of files should be copied. […]

⌘ 101 Things to do with Keyboard Maestro

To be fair, I don’t have 101 macros written, yet. But, I’m well on my way. Although, reading the forums, there are others who have done that and more. A few sophisticated users have a couple hundred macros covering dozens of different areas. I have jealousy and hope to be that proficient one day. What I’ve learned is that Keyboard Maestro is far more than a “macro” tool. It’s every bit a development environment. A development environment that with a small time investment and a bit of research, can create custom solutions for all sorts of situations. It’s even possible to replicate the functionality of off the shelf software, or in some cases replace it. It may not be 100% parity, but it will accomplish the core functionality. For example, here’s a few of the applets I’ve created so far. Filter the clipboard to remove extraneous text from Amazon links Rename files as they are added to a folder Move […]

Bringing back some of my best apps for Windows

Even though Windows itself can be a struggle, there are some great apps I get to use again. After building a solid workflow on the Mac, I wanted to replicate that as best I could. Because of that I’ve brought back: RightNote AllMyNotes Organizer Breevy ClipboardFusion Scrivener for Windows Even though the full Office Suite is installed, I prefer to use RightNote rather than OneNote. That’s a little sad actually, because I truly enjoyed OneNote 2003 and 2007. I used to have several hundred OneNote documents. But, RightNote is my choice now and holds all my work notes. I have tabs for my Notes, for Sprints, for SQL commands, and automation fragments. More will be coming as we dig deeper into different projects. I have my Jira tickets set up in a task list so I track what I’ve worked on, what I completed, and it’s easy to copy my results into Jira. AllMyNotes is where I store notes about […]

🏷 Time for SummerFest 2021

We’re at that time of the year where you can save a bundle on some of the best Mac apps available during SummerFest 2021. From the list available, there are at least 3 must have tools, DevonThink Office Pro, DevonAgent, and Scrivener. DevonThink Office Pro is note taker, document manager, and central hub of information. I’m still sporting version 2, so now might be a good time to upgrade. Every note and document of value is stored in DevonThink Office Pro. I can always find what I’m looking for. It’s been running steadily for years. DevonAgent is where I go when I really want to look up information. It’s an incredibly efficient way to find information that goes beyond the usual top 10 results. It can perform searches in the background, filter results, exclude topics, exclude sites, skip over duplicates, skip ads, and extract the information you’re really looking for. There’s a wealth of information beyond the first page Google […]