⌘ The power of the Yoink

I’ve seen Yoink mentioned as an efficiency tool with lots of praise, but never quite understood the usage. I use a two pane file manager, so the concept went over my head.

I tried Dropzone, but it never quite stuck. I put what in here?

Then Yoink appeared on the front page of the App Store and for $5, I figured I should have another look. Plus, the demo was different than expected.

It wasn’t until I was in DevonThink Office Pro that its power became apparent. I wanted to organize my notes, and while dragging, the Yoink container appeared. I needed to move notes from several different folders in a different database. It then hit me. I could drop all the files into Yoink, move to where I wanted, then drag them out at the destination. I wouldn’t have to keep going back to the source to get more files.

“How cool is that?!”

Yoink isn’t just for files. That was my mental block. It’s pops out whenever you drag an item. That can be from Scrivener, DevonThink Office Pro, Skim, Mail, etc. It’s a clipboard for items, not text.

It’s a convenient way of gathering up information and depositing it in the correct location. Grab what you need from the source, add it to the pile, grab the next thing, then when you have everything collected, drop them into the destination or different destinations. No need to keep circling back.

It all makes sense now. Nice purchase.


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