Dungeon Scroll for iPhone/iPod Touch – $0.99

This has got to be one of the coolest word games I have ever played. It’s like taking Scrabble and mixing it with D&D, only better!

I came across Dungeon Scroll last night based on an article I saw on TouchArcade. I didn’t hesitate to spend the whopping $0.99 to make this game mine. And there was no disappointment!

Like other word games you are given a set of tiles which you use to make words. The longer the word, the more points it’s worth. But you aren’t using a board as your playground, you’re in a dungeon. And in the dungeon are monsters. And to defeat these monsters you need to spell words to cast a spell which does fiery damage and vanquishes them. The longer the word, the most damage it does. But you can only use a word once within a dungeon so don’t go with the biggest words right off the bat. And some creatures only have a few hit points so blasting a 3hp character with a word that does 15hp damage is a waste.

See? See the genius? That’s strategy staring back at ya!

But to add to the fun are health potions, spell books which allow you to choose whether you want to make your spells more powerful, gain a better chance of getting good letter tiles, decrease monster health, or gain bonus points. There are also damage tiles and oracle tiles which increase your damage and help you find the biggest word out of the tiles your holding.


I admit, my first run was in Kids Mode but I was so taken with the game I finished the whole thing, all 25 dungeons, last night. It was fantastic!

Great graphics, cool sound effects and an interesting twist on word games, you really can’t beat this game. And for $0.99 there is absolutely no reason to not buy a copy!

Check out a video of the gameplay below. And for thumbnails and more info check out the Dungeon Scroll website.

Buy it from iTunes for $0.99

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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