Damn, the guys at the car dealership are hard up!

Just for fun, we went to look at a couple of cars to see what kind of deal we might be able to get under this Cash for Clunkers program. We stopped at the Hyundai dealer and holy crap the guy was on us like white on rice! He wanted to know our address, phone number, email, how we heard about them, what kind of payments we wanted, what kind of car we might be trading in, how much we wanted to put down, how far we drove. All BEFORE they even told us if they even had the car we were interested in stock. Jesus dude, calm down!

And when we tried to leave, the guy insisted he get his manager so he could talk to us and see what kind of deal we wanted to make and what it would take to buy the car. Dear Lord, can we not just browse any more?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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