So what happens tomorrow?

The speculation is mounting about what Apple is going to unveil tomorrow for their 9/9/09 extravegana. It’s pretty much guaranteed a new iPod Touch will make a debut as well as the Nano. Some say iTunes 9 with Blu-Ray support will also be available for download. And I was just reading there is huge speculation that the 8GB iPod Touch 2G will see a $50 price drop and go for $150 so it can be a thorn in the Zune’s side.

For $150 I might buy a second iPod Touch, just for games! If the 16GB sees a big drop my head will be spinning!

I’m sure there’s a mystery component as well, some new thing they’ve managed to keep under wraps.

Should be a pretty interesting day full of surprises!

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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