Back at work

You know what the worst thing about going back to work is after you’ve been away for 9 days? It’s not telling everyone that you sat on the couch eating popcorn and catching up on TV watching (in fact that’s kind of the fun part). It’s not discussing the kick ass turkey you made for Thanksgiving or the misadventures with putting up the Xmas lights. It’s not talking about wandering around the house in your underwear (again, that’s actually the fun part).

It’s all the stupid emails you have to go through! When you’re sitting there those stupid emails with links to dumbass sites are really that bad of a distraction, but when you have to go through dozens of them you realize just how dorky they are!

The guy shooting Santa, yeah I suppose that’s funny.
The turkey put in to a compromising position, yeah, that’s funny too.
The kids gone wild at the dinner table, yeah, worth a chuckle.

But seriously, every email? Clearly nobody was doing work while I was gone.

Well, we didn’t do a whole hell of a lot today either. It was all about the Cyber Monday sales. Too bad I didn’t find anything worthwhile. I guess everyone is soiling themselves over that 8GB iPod Touch over at Amazon. Right now I have to be jealous of an 8GB iPod since I still don’t have mine.

Screw you BestBuy!

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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