Dexter is f-ing hilarious!

Ok, I know, I’m still late to the party on this one, but I just got through a couple episodes of Season 2 and this show just cracks me up! Should I really find the dark life of a serial killer funny and interesting? What does that say about me? But seriously, this is some of the best writing I have seen on TV in years. The story is great, the narration is so dry and funny, and the way Dexter deals with the curveballs that come his way just make me shake my head and laugh.

I just finished the episode with Dexter at the Addicts meeting and Doakes finds him there. And that explains everything and Dexter is off the hook. It’s so absurd it all makes sense!

I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a show in a long time. Watching this show on regular TV would drive me nuts. The frustration of waiting a week to see what the next episode brings would be torture! 🙂

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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