Heading out to Arizona

We barely got through that release. If it could have gone wrong, it did. Network problems and hardware issues are always fun when you’re trying to push new software out the door. But, it’s time to put that all behind me and head out to Arizona. My buddy’s getting married and I’m going out there to make sure he goes through with it.

I love Arizona, it’s a great place. I love taking photos out there and the forests of cactus are just so damn cool. It’s going to be a quick trip though, so not much time to look around. Too bad really, I have some great camera gear I would love to use out there, but that will have to wait.

I have to get up crazy to make sure I get there on time. And that my friends is why I wanted the iPod back. Sitting in the airport with nothing to do will be better if I can watch Dexter on the small screen. Plus it gives me the perfect cover for not having to talk to the jackass who sits next to me on the plane. Seriously, I have nothing to say to you.

Now place your bets on how many screaming babies will be on this flight…

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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