The Eagle has landed

Well I got here yesterday but that’s not the point.

I suppose the flight can be summed up this way; Nothing says travelling fun like the smell of cheap perfume, bad coffee and whatever burrito induced horror took over the bathroom five feet behind me. I’m not sure what was going on but that plane had some interesting smells going on.

On the second flight everyone seemed to know each other. I thought I was in the middle of some swingers flight.

And those flight attendants? Not quite looking like the ones you see in the movies.

I did watch several episodes of Dexter on the way out so that was good and had the seat open next to me on both flights. Even though BestBuy still sucks the new iPod is excellent and hold tons of shows.

Went to BennieHannas last night. Not bad, same damn thing as Kabutos but not bad. I guess the menu is a little more extensive. The guy sitting next to me wanted to be everyone’s friend. It was a little odd.

We also went to Zoolights where they have thousands of Xmas lights turned on at the zoo. Looked pretty cool. Of course no animals were out so it was sort of strange.

And then we got back and broke out the Coronas.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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