Busy day

Busy day yesterday. Move tons of furniture to the patio then spent a few hours rearranging it for optimum seating capacity. You got to love December and 60 degrees outside.

Had a great pre-wedding dinner last night of some of the best pork I’ve ever had. And some damn fine champagne too.

With the time zone changes and running around I have totally lost the concept of time. I can’t tell of it’s late or early anymore.

Well today is the day. Got to get these kids married off. I just need to keep the groom from making a break for it. A few bloody mary’s should slow him down.

Need to make sure I don’t lose the ring that’s always important.

And just for fun I bought athe Game of Life last from Eamobile. Seemed pretty appropriate considering the circumstances. And hey for $0.99 it’s a darn good deal. Still waiting on Need for Speed to go on sale.

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