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Defender Chronicles manages to push itself above the crowded App Store Tower Defense genre with nice visuals, incredibly deep and balanced gameplay, and RPG elements. Defender Chronicles is a new perspective on TD games that you won’t want to miss.
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A castle defense game with an involving fantasy story that has led to numerous great reviews!

If a Tower Defense game had babies with Warcraft and Diablo 2, it would be called: Defender Chronicles. iTunes US Review

After 50 or so reviews, I have struck gold. My first 5 star rating goes to Defender Chronicles. The game reminds me of Puzzle Quest, when it comes to being addictive and getting stuck in my mind. I have played this for more than 20 hours already. 5 out of 5 iPhoneGameNetwork

I am level 222 and have spent over 100 hours since I bought the game last month and Im still playing! – Defender Chronicles forumer

Defender Chronicles Its better than Percocet. It pretty much got me through my 3-day appendectomy stay in the hospital last month and made me forget the pain the way Percocet couldnt. –


Epic storyline with Voice Over
Over 20 different types of units with distinct abilities
Unlockable secrets from the Great Library
Hundreds of unique items for hero
5 difficulty levels and 5 game modes
Endless mode included
Unlimited gameplay with freestyle mode
Extremely high replayability value, time flies with each round of the game
OS 3.0 READY: iPod music library access, email a challenge from the game
Online leaderboards, achievements, friends, chat using OpenFeint.
High production value: 9 original music soundtracks, spatial 3D audio, voice-acting, hand-drawn graphics, intuitive controls, auto-save, auto-flip, fast-forward, vibrate, HQ graphics option

WHATS NEW in 1.4.1:

Easier Siria quest (up to Mythic)
Easier Helegom quest (up to Heroic)
Fixed crash issue with Meteor Shower
New advisor voices for Gardbridge and beyond
DC comic (available from the Great Library)
More tokens for subsequent quests (i.e. Tarnwood will gives more tokens than Silverkeep)
Classic, Extended and Classic Extended will give tokens and exp rewards
Extended and Classic Extended have been adjusted so they will get harder much faster
Items with effects that all are not scalable by grade and rank are much cheaper now
Items can get up to +10% to their attributes. Their prices also get some randomization, by -10% to +10%
Meteor Shower spell now cost less to cast (100 mana)
Vibrate after victory

Gameplay video

Walkthroughs, tips & tricks


Defender Chronicles – Legend of The Desert King

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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