End of the decade

So here we are on the last day of the year. I remember how 2000 came in, and it wasn’t good (the fact that I remember it means it wasn’t good). You remember all that B.S. hype around the whole Y2K problem (that never actually turned into anything?), well I was one of the IT people at the ready in a call center should something happen. I had to start work at 5am, so clearly having a party with friends was out of the question, but most of them were at work with me anyway. Back in 2000 we had a lameass toast with cheap apple cider (since none of us could drink – drinking and troubleshooting just don’t mix) and then we all sat around in the building until we had to go to work. There was no point in going home since I would have to drive 30 minutes and face all manner of checkpoints and drunks, then do the same thing on the way back. So I sat there in my cube, in the cold (since the heat isn’t on after 7pm, thanks for remembering us), watching absolutely nothing happen for Y2K. In fact, I despise that stupid term and just writing it down has conjured up all sorts of bad memories. I think I just gave myself hives!

So that’s how the decade started, I’m hopeful that it will end on a more positive note. I have champagne (sparkling wine for the picky amongst you), I have port, I have merlot and I have Corona. So even if it is bad, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t remember πŸ™‚ But I hardly think it could be any worse. 2000 ranks up there as the worst New Years ever…


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