How To Disable the Quicken Registration Prompt

I’ve been upgrading and installing software on my new machine this weekend and with that I moved away from the now defunct Microsoft Money to Quicken 2010. Personally I think the interface and other features of Quicken are quite quirky, but that’s neither here nor there. One is supported and the other is a steamy pile (even though the UI is better). Anyway, after importing everything and setting up new accounts Quicken throws up this incredibly annoying screen that says I need to register to actually use their program to download my bank info. Excuse me? WTF? I have to make an account with you to use this program? (Yet another online account I will never actually use?) That doesn’t fly. I have all my bank details and credit card info in here and now you want me to basically send that to you? I think not. Just as I was about to remove it and write a terse vulgarity […]

Cogs – Cool, but terribly disappointing

I think Cogs is a very stylish and clever game, but when I paid $0.99 for it, I didn’t think I would be done 20 minutes later. I breezed through the first 10 levels in mere minutes. The levels look great and were fun to play, but it very quickly became, "Is that it?" I don’t like the idea of having to pay yet more money to get more levels. I had my bit of fun and I’ll end it there. If what I downloaded was the demo and the full game was $1.99 or 2.99, I would be onboard. As it stands I feel like I paid for a demo game. I would hope the extra levels are more complicated and engaging, but someone else will have to tell me. I’m not saying the game isn’t worth the extra $0.99 per level, I’m just saying I’m not going to buy it. Maybe if they make a full bundle and […]

Battle Bears – Free for Today only!

It might be one of the weirdest games out there, but no matter how you feel, Battle Bears is FREE for Today Only! I thought this game was odd when I first saw it, but it’s garnered quite a following and several updates. I can’t resist, I’m downloading the full version. Keep in mind, this bad boy is 134MB bear killing goodness!

There is no love for the iPad

Well, the articles about the iPad are pouring an, and for the most part the iPad is seen as an iDud. Damn that didn’t take long. After months of wetting themselves to see the Belle of the ball, everyone has turned their back and headed home. I was really expecting a lot more excitement over this device, but it seems like it just hasn’t struck the right cord. The fact that it’s a big iPod Touch is actually a problem. I agree, not having Flash is annoying. Apple and Adobe need to work that out. Of course with the rash of Flash and PDF "issues" of late people might consider themselves lucky it doesn’t work. Multitasking is also a problem. However, I’m not concerned yet. Jobs still has 60 days before the device hits the streets. There is no reason OS 4.0 won’t address that shortcoming right at ship time. And what better way to generate more PR and publicity […]