Cogs comes to the iPhone

The Steampunk puzzler "Cogs" has landed in the app store. It supposed to be a pretty cool port of the Cogs game that’s available for the PC. You use gears, tiles, pipes and other mechanical devices to accomplish certain tasks. You need to do it within a certain time period or even within a certain number of moves.

The game is only $0.99, but there’s a catch. That’s just for the first pack of 10 levels. Once you complete those you need to spend another $0.99 to get the next 10 and so on. It looks like there are 5 puzzle packs in all. So it’s $0.99 to start, but closer to $5 for the whole set. Personally, I would prefer they just have a single price for the whole set. This kind of gives the impression of hidden charges. However, $5 is still cheap for the time you can spend playing. However, some people are saying the games will take 20 hours to complete, while others are saying they blasted through the first pack in 20 minutes.

I just bought the first installment so we’ll see how it goes.

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