Windows 7 crashes when going to Sleep

Not only is Windows frustrating when I’m trying to use it, but it’s equally annoying when I try to make it go away. Sleep mode just doesn’t seem to work for me. About every third time I put the machine into Sleep mode it completely crashes or it hangs and never shuts down. When it does crash it goes for a full on "Blue Screen". If it doesn’t Blue Screen it disables the monitors and then hangs on exit and I have to force the machine off. Since I can’t see anything it doesn’t give me much choice in the matter.

I now shut down all the apps before I put it to sleep so I don’t lose anything I’m working on. Windows 7 seems to have issues galore with Sleep mode (just look it up in Google); can’t control the network when it comes out of sleep and now most of the time I can’t get the thing to sleep without it crashing. It’s stupid garbage like this that just infuriates me. My Dell Dimension with XP goes into and comes out of Sleep mode dozens of times a week without issue.

Nice work Microsoft, way to improve on your previous OS.

Then again, I could be wrong.

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