Some Audiobooks are MIA

I’ve downloaded both Aubiobooks  and the Audiobook player, but I’ve run into the same problem with both apps; they can’t find audiobooks.

They’re both quite good at getting the most common audiobooks but they both have severe limitations in locating short stories and certain titles. For example, they both fail to find "The Purloined Letter", "The Black Cat", "The Monkey’s Paw", "The Pit and the Pendulum", and "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Raven Edition, Volume 2". Other titles like "Fanny Hill" also fail to come up, even though all these titles are easily found on the Librivox web site. Strangely both apps require a Internet connection in order to do a search for a book, but alas, the search doesn’t seem to be all that extensive.

Very disappointing it can’t locate these titles.


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