Dungeon Run

This sounds so crazy it just might be good. Crazy ass Leprechauns trapped in a dungeon that need to be saved? Hmmm… But hey, it’s free, no reason to not at least give it a try.

App Description

Did you know that leprechaun’s live in dungeon’s? It’s true. Leprechaun’s, which do exist, live in dungeon’s across the globe and are only released when someone actually finds their pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Again, it’s true.
Unfortunately, all of you suck at finding pots o’ gold so most leprechaun’s remain trapped in their dungeon. Worst of all? Their dungeon’s aren’t filled with jelly beans and big screen TV’s.
Dungeon Run includes 28 levels of 3D awesomeness. Dungeon Run includes bear traps which also serve as leprechaun traps. Dungeon Run includes pots o’ gold, ginormous rats that like to eat leprechaun’s (leprechaun’s are small, remember?), and both Casual and Hardcore game modes.
Tilt, swipe, steal and give back the leprechaun’s who have so graciously entertained you every St. Patrick’s day.
Dungeon Run is OpenFeint enabled to provide extra awesome.

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It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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