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Apple: Featured at "What’s Hot"
AppSmile: "Were confident in saying that weve found puzzling "gold""
TouchArcade: "A different kind of matching puzzler"
TouchGen: EDITORS’ CHOICE "Brilliant"
Gear Diary: "This game is excellent."
Mobile Tech Review: "I cant recommend this game any more highly!"
Touch Reviews: "Alchemize Is an addictive new take on an old favorite"
Alchemize TV ad – "What’s new?"

Group 3 or more elements to discover a new one.
ex: 3 tulips form a clover, 3 clovers form a leaf and so on…

– 5 Game Modes (Classic, Action, Avalanche, Blitz, Gone in 20")
– 27 elements to combine on a 9×9 board (Blitz 12 elements: 7×7 board)
– Ghost Tiles
– 9 special elements (Power-Ups: Bomb, Joker, Wand, 3 types of dynamite, Bowling Ball, Good Chameleon, Bad Chameleon) to help in your journey
– unlimited saves
– online high scores for each game mode
– 4 music tracks
– iPod Music
– Anti-Cheat
– unique graphics and sound effects

Published and developed by Schiau Studios.

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