Electronic Arts Sale in the App Store

Electronic Arts is having an Easter Sale. While not every game is on sale, plenty of them are. I’m still waiting on Need for Speed Undercover to drop in price but for now plenty of other games have dropped in price. Since it’s April Fool’s, it’s almost like I have to buy the Simpsons Game!

The Simpsons Arcade – $0.99
Dragon’s Lair – $2.99
Monopoly – $2.99
Clue – $0.99
Boggle – $0.99
Wolfenstein 3D – $0.99
Jewel Quest Mysteries – $0.99
Star Trek – $0.99
The Game of Life – $1.99
Scrabble – $1.99

Plus quite a few others. Click the link to check out their sale in the app store

Click here to see the official list of apps on sale from EA

Come on, put Need for Speed Undercover on Sale!!

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