Why can’t Microsoft make OneNote for iPhone?

Seriously, why can’t Microsoft bite the bullet and just make a OneNote application for the iPhone? I know there are apps like MobileNoter, but that is woefully underpowered. It’s really nothing more than a glorified viewer and for $15 it’s insanely overpriced for the features you get. I want to be able to view and edit all the notes I have available. I want to be able to sync with my computer or through Dropbox, not be forced to pay some monthly fee for some service and then not get half the features I need. I think MobileNoter could be a great app, but I’m not going to pay that kind of money for an app that still has major functionality missing.

MobileNoter says it’s a one-time fee for the app, but is that one-time for life or just one-time for that version? And I’m sorry, that’s a $5 app, not a $15 one.

I know Microsoft has no love for the iPhone, but I’m sure there are plenty of us out here who are willing to pay for a full featured (yet scaled down version) of OneNote for our devices. So many times I want to write something down and make sure it’s available at work, but a simple method to get that working just isn’t there.

I’m a huge fan of OneNote and I want it everywhere!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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