Just bought Torchlight and Tropico 3

The talk of the office this morning has been Torchlight. I guess it went on sale this weekend and several people snatched up copies to check it out. I guess they liked it since they were raving about it. If you like Diablo and WoW then Torchlight should be a hit. Well, I checked out the videos and some screenshots and for $9.99 I decided I’d give it a shot.

After going through the process to retrieve my password from Steam I finally managed to purchase a copy. I’ll have to wait until I get home to check it out, but apparently it’s definitely worth the $10. It’s supposed to be on sale until today so who knows when the price will change again.

And since I was in the store I grabbed a copy of Tropico 3 for $7.95. With an expansion pack forthcoming they dropped the price to grab some more players. I’m all about being a dictator so we’ll see what I can do. The reviews said it was a pretty decent game at the $40 price level, so I guess it gets even better as the price drops. 🙂

Torchlight – $9.99

Tropico 3 – $7.95

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