Ballmer admits Vista is Poop

It doesn’t really get an clearer than this, but Ballmer is admitting that Vista was crap. I don’t really agree that Vista was "too big a task", but I do agree that Vista was crap. However, I will also admit that after SP1 it really didn’t deserve all the bad press it got. It’s not a Netbook OS to be sure, but once the driver issues were worked out it wasn’t that bad, but the performance issues, driver bugs and lack of support for so much hardware put a stigma on Vista it would never recover from.

It is funny though that even though Vista was bad, Windows 7 is almost exactly the same OS and people love it. People can say what they want, but Windows 7 is Vista SP3. The dialog boxes, UAC, Control Panel and so many other components in Win 7 are simply reused from Vista. It has some cosmetic changes to the UI and Taskbar and the widgets have been taken out of your way, but at the hear of things, Windows 7 IS Vista, just without the stinky name.

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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