Hardcore gamers will buy Kinect?

This article made me laugh. Microsoft firmly believes that their Kinect product will be rapidly adopted by the hardcore gaming market. Judging by the cute little tiger on the box in this article, that seems unlikely and ironic. Personally, I don’t see hardcore gamers adopting motion games at all. Kinect *may* find a small niche market with kids and families offering some amusing titles, but I really don’t see this product getting off the ground. I think the technology is quite brilliant but Microsoft has a habit of coming to the party late and not bringing any goodies. MS needs to have hundreds of titles on the shelves when this thing launches and I just don’t see that happening. If the gaming support isn’t there the device will fail.

And speaking of games, what exactly is the hardcore gamer going to play? Will he or she jump around the living room with a faux shotgun in hand blasting zombies? I’m sure hours of holding an imaginary steering wheel will be quite enjoyable. Pretending to swing at a virtual tennis ball sounds like a blast too. But seriously, besides looking like a complete idiot as you jump and dance around the living room what games will people offer? This technology seems well suited to casual games like Bedazzled, Tetris, Cogs, Farmville, Plant vs. Zomies, but first person shooters and racing games seem insanely awkward.

With that in mind, why would the hardcore gamer want this again? Oh, yeah, to keep the kids in the house quiet…

Microsoft: ‘Hard-core’ will be first to buy Kinect

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