Devs gotta get paid right?

Is it good or bad that Microsoft is paying devs and offering incentives for them to write apps for the Phone Series 7? It seems funny that Microsoft has to all but bribe people to write for their platform, but at the same time, it does show they’re at least thinking ahead and need more than 400 apps to sway people from the behemoth that is the Apple App Store.

Microsoft better turn up the wick, Apple and Google are getting a thousand new apps a day while they’re still struggling to get a thousand apps total.

So who out there is getting a Windows Phone Series 7 unit? Anyone ditching their Apple iPhone for one? Did this latest Apple snafu strengthen the case to switch to another platform or was it insignificant?

And now I see that Microsoft plans to hand a Windows Phone Series 7 device (they *have* to shorten that name!) to everyone in the company. This is part of their "word of mouth" advertising. If nothing else, if they give one to every employee they can always say the number of units shipped was better than the Kin… (Or was it the Kon?)

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