They’re calling for his head!

I will state pretty clearly that I think Ballmer has cocked up Microsoft pretty badly over the past few years. More projects have been butchered while under his guidance than in all the previous years. And when it comes to forward thinking and what Microsoft needs to do, under Steve’s guidance they’ve been playing catch up and in many cases have fallen so far behind they’re just better off giving up.

And clearly I’m not the only one. Give this article a read and let me know what you think the future of Microsoft and Steve’s roll in it will be.

Steve Ballmer has one more chance to save his job

Personally I think Steve should step down. He just wants to work on what he personally understands not what the market actually wants. He thinks netbooks are a joke and that bit him in the ass. He thinks tablets are a waste of time (even though they have been trying to make the tablet market world for them nearly a decade). He thinks he will dominate a mobile market ruled by hundreds of millions of other devices. He think he can slap a search engine together and get millions of people using it over night.

Microsoft has been resting on the heels of Windows and Office for too long. They need to get something moving. Sure, Sharepoint is cool, but you need more than one product to keep the company moving.

I think Microsoft should spend more time working with Apple and Google than battling them, but hey, I’m not a egotistical, power hungry, madman…

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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