Do you remember Mille Bornes?

I really have no idea what made me think of this game. I guess I had the idea of Uno or something in my head. But of course, once I’d thought of the game I desperately wanted to play it again. I used to play this on the PC as a time waster many years ago, but those versions are all gone now. However, my new gaming platform has a wonderful version of it called Millarium. It’s a very nicely styled version of Mille Bornes that has easy controls and is a lot of fun to play.

For those that remember the goal is to get to 700 miles before the other player. Once, or more to the point, IF you hit that mark, you can extend the game to 1000 miles. Along the way you throw accidents, flat tires, and out of gas cards at your opponent while they do the same thing to you. It’s incredibly easy to play, but there can be a lot of challenges and frustrations while you wait for the right card to come up. Damn you green light card! You’re never around when I need you!

Millarium is well designed with simple swiping gestures to play the cards or discard them. If you don’t make a move for awhile the computer will offer some help to get you moving again. The graphics are simple but look just fine to me (the iPad versions looks to have more detailed graphics). The cards are easy to read and I had no problem putting them in the right place. I played a dozen games last night and thought it was excellent.

If you’re a fan of card games, especially Uno style games then I really recommend you grab this one. It’s a great little $0.99 game and it’s a universal app. For something I didn’t know I wanted I’m having a lot of fun with this.




Millarium by OxCAFEBABE Consulting Ltd

Mille Borne on Wikipedia

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3 thoughts on “Do you remember Mille Bornes?

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      I downloaded Millarium which was mentioned on i-Tunes as a spin-off to the more famous Mille
      Bornes, except that it couldn’t use the name “Mille Bornes” in its formal title, and I do know
      why. But thankfully, this version works; another linked version, which was the ill-fated Miles
      game (also played similar to Mille Bornes), wouldn’t allow you to move cards to where they nor-
      mally would go. (Technically, the original card game was invented for Parker Brothers in 1962.)

      At least you can do pop-up messages to find out who is ahead after each turn, and it only cost
      me a dollar for the purchase! Thank you for this great game from whoever made the application
      on i-Tunes; Millarium is a winner!

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      Why is Millarium no longer available? It’s the BEST version of Mille Bournes out there for iPhone. Unfortunately, it is no longer working since I upgraded to iOS8 – Since it seems to be abandoned, I can only assume there will not be a fix. I’m sad to be trapped playing the “Mille Bournes” app that doesn’t adhere to true Mille Bournes rules.

      I assume Millarium got kicked off for copyright rules of some sort. A true travesty….

      – Ron Donofero

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        I have to agree, Millarium is a great little game. I still have it on my original iPad and play it from time to time. Nice way to pass the time. I’m not sure what happened to the game. It was there one minute, then gone the next. I doubt the dev made a fortune off it, but I’m sure a few bucks were made. Always disappointing to see a game like this get abandoned. Here’s something funny, I found an original copy of the card game from the 60s on eBay and bought a copy just to have it around. Such a simple game, but so much fun at the same time. I have the other renditions and they’re pretty crappy in comparison. I guess if it isn’t poker, people just don’t want to play card games anymore. If you haven’t, check out Dead Man’s Draw, another good game card.

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