Dungeon Hunter HD and Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD for $0.99

Reduced in price from $6.99 to $0.99! And this is for the iPad version! This is a great game for the iPhone so with the extra screen real estate it should be great on the iPad. Even though I don’t have an iPad I’m still going to grab a copy of this game. Again.

But you never know, it’s the big tax free weekend so I might end up walking away with an iPad tomorrow. Or at least ordering one and waiting a few weeks for it to actually show up.



And not to be outdone, Gameloft has put Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD on sale as well! I got this for $0.99 on the iPod Touch so I guess I need to get the HD version right? Not a bad deal, two high dollar games dropping price down to $2 for the pair. I like it! This weekend is looking pretty good!





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