8TB and counting

I’ve run out of hard drive space … again… Well, I haven’t completely run out, but I’m getting close. Between the pictures, the apps, the ISO images and all the TV episodes (since I’m using it as a media center) the bytes are just disappearing. Not sure how long it will last but I grabbed a 2TB Seagate Free Agent drive and put that into service. I’m shying away from Western Digital right now. I’ve had a run of bad lunch and I’m not sure I trust those drives anymore.

I have to say, the Free Agent drive is about the ugliest damn thing I’ve ever plugged into a computer. It’s got weird angles and slopes and that light pattern on the front is just damn stupid looking. But I didn’t buy it for its good looks.

I think with this new drive it might be time to clean house. I’m going to need to catalog what I have and probably do some pruning. In that amount of space I’m sure there’s a few files I don’t need anymore and at least one or two that could be deleted without incident.


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