I was hot on the trail of an iPad

I thought this weekend might be my turn to get an iPad. I tried my luck at BestBuy (whom I’m still a little pissed off with due to the iPod fiasco) and was actually quite encouraged when I walked in and saw a guy holding an iPad box. However, my hopes were dashed when I found out they didn’t actually have any in stock. Not sure what that guy was carrying but it wasn’t the 64GB WiFi model that I wanted. Apparently BestBuy had about 3 or 4 units in the morning and sold out of them almost immediately.

I was so close, yet so far. But maybe I should be holding off. I’m seeing rumor of two new models showing up in January, but it seems way too early in the cycle for those to be real. Apple can’t keep the iPad in stock so I don’t think a new model is anywhere close to making an appearance.

The new Touch will be unveiled shortly, but I’m looking for that kind of upgrade. Even if it does have a camera (which it should) mine works perfectly fine for me.

I’m at that odd place, do I go ahead and try to get an iPad (looking at eBay now) or should I just wait a few months and get the latest model or get the original model at a slightly discounted price?

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