30-50% off SyncBackSE and SyncBackSEPro

Check out this deal for a pretty big discount on SyncBackSE and SyncBackSEPro from 2BrightSparks. If you don’t already own a copy of SyncBackSE (and I really think you should) now is the time to act. If you use this coupon code correctly you can get 50% off your purchase.

First, go to this site:


Next, Select SyncBackSE (listed as $30)

Click to Checkout and In the cart put in this coupon code:CPN7425253889

The price should drop to $15.00 for a savings of $15.00. Look at that, 50% off!!

Finish your purchase and get your new serial number, but don’t leave just yet, there’s more.


Get SyncBackSEPro for $4.95

Go back to the store:


Add SyncBackPro V5 upgrade from SyncBackSE — $19.95

Click to Checkout and In the cart put in this coupon code:CPN7425253889 (Yes, add the same coupon again)

The price should drop to $4.95 for the upgrade. (Again a savings of $15.00)

Finish your purchase and get the upgrade serial number.

If you did it correctly you should now have SyncBackSE (which should be good for 5 personal computer licenses) AND you should have an upgrade coupon for SyncBackSE Pro. The regular price of the Pro version is $49.95 and you should now have both products for $19.95.

Not a bad deal eh?

In actually I really like SyncBackSE and use it all the time to sync files between my machines and it keeps my two photography drives in sync. Whenever I take pictures I use this to mirror the files I have on two 500GB drives. Once you set up the file parameters you just click the button and it takes off. Incredibly handy and this is a fantastic price!

Get on it, the site claims this is only good for 150 customers…


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