What I wish the iPod Touch update would have contained

Now that we know what new features are coming in the Touch, here’s the things I would like to have seen.

I wish it would have actually been bigger or at least stay the same size. I don’t see a need to keep making it smaller and thinner.

I would like to have seen a 128GB model. Considering the Touch is becoming, and for many already is, a mobile gaming platform it needs more storage space to accommodate the massive amount of games out there. There are so many great games that 64GB just isn’t going to be enough. At 128GB you can have plenty of space for music (20GB in my case), an entire season of TV shows at the ready (such as Burn Notice and True Blood) and 64GB+ available for games.

A bigger battery. This is why I want the device to be bigger. I’m using the device all the time and the battery just isn’t lasting long enough. I should be able to get several hours of game play and be able to watch a couple of TV episodes before I have to recharge. We aren’t quite there yet.

Those are my three big changes. And the device being bigger so it can accommodate a bigger battery goes together, so really two changes. I think those upgrades would have been pretty significant.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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