A massive undertaking to organize my files

My hard drives are a mess. I’ve got files scattered everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Across terabytes worth of space. I didn’t spend any time at all naming these files or putting them into folders. Now, I’m paying the price. After using Copernic Desktop Search and Index Your Files I realize the mess I’ve made. Now I have to try and bring in some order.

I spent almost the entire day Saturday and most of Sunday creating folders and copying files. I’ve renamed hundreds of files so they actually contain a useful title and even some keywords. Now when I search for them they should pop right up.

I quickly found out I have hundreds of duplicate files too. Seems I download a file, forget that I downloaded it, and then download it again. Or I give it one name and put it in a folder, then name it something else and stick it in another folder. Maybe I shouldn’t drink and try file management?

What a mess. I think I’ve still got several days worth of work ahead of me to get this under control. I really need to stop sticking everything in the "Downloads" folder with the intent I’ll get back to it later. I even have copies of the software I recently bought just sitting in there. And once I get this organized I will need to make some serious backups. I think I’ll put that Ashampoo Burning Studio to good use.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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