Boxee Box by D-Link

This thing intrigues the hell out of me!


I totally missed any news about this thing. My buddy told me about it yesterday after he went through the pre-order process. From the looks of the specs this thing sounds cool as hell! I’m familiar with the Boxee software, and in fact Maximum PC recommended it for building your own home theater PC.

This all in one box sounds pretty impressive. It supposed can stream Netflix, connect to Hulu, play your ISO images as well as standard AVI and other video format files. Basically, a full fledged video player in a tiny little cube.

I’m not going to race out and get one (I’ll stick with a real PC connected to a TV for now) but I’ll be checking this out when my buddy gets his. If it lives up to expectation it might make a fine replacement for that PC at a fraction of the size.


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