I’m now one of the chosen lemmings, I have an iPad!

Actually, I bought it a week ago, I just haven’t sat down to write anything about it. Over the long Labor Day weekend, I said to hell with it and since the iPads were actually in stock I grabbed one. And I went all in too. I got the 64GB WiFi model, no 3G. I have no need for the 3G so no need to spend the extra money.

After having it a week I think it’s awesome. It’s everything I expected it to be and a little more. As you well know I have the Touch and love it. This is a bigger version which is excellent. Web pages are easy to read, emails render the same as my Outlook client, and browsing the app store is quite a bit easier as well. I’ve tried several games and so far have no complaints. Sure, there is a little pixilation, but it’s of no consequence to me. The only thing that has been problematic is some of the iPhone apps use the old keyboard. The keyboard works fine, it just looks ugly as sin.

The battery life is pretty impressive as well. It’s been a week and a half and I still haven’t had to recharge it yet. Now, I haven’t been using it for hours on end, but I’ve certainly had it on every night for a couple of hours each time. My Touch used to go nearly a week before it needed a recharge. Since I upgraded to iOS4, it seems I have to recharge it every other day.

There was a lot of talk about the iPad’s keyboard. Personally, I think its fine. I’ve had no problem with it. I can’t type as fast as I do with a full size keyboard, but it’s not a hunt and peck method either.

So far I think the iPad is worth all the hype. Can it do everything? Can it completely replace my desktop machine? Can I completely walk away from Windows? Nope, it can’t make any of those happen. But what it does give me is a lightweight, instant-on device that lets me do about 95% of what I use my PC for. I pretty much have the Touch and the iPad with me at all times now.

I have a few iPad HD apps, but so far I’m quite content to use my standard iPhone apps. And my note taking app (Notes N More) is already iPad aware so no need to upgrade there…

I’m very satisfied with it.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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