VLC for iPad. Now that’s cool!

I have to say, when I first heard about VLC for iPad I was very exciting. I love the idea of being able to copy an AVI file directly to the iPad without having to go through the conversion process. That will be so convenient and save so much time. Truthfully, iOS should support that natively but we all know why it doesn’t.

As soon as I got s chance I downloaded VLC and took it for a spin. I copied over three episodes of True Blood (the closest thing I had to porn) to see how they would play. Much to my delight they all played without trouble. I was able to play the files, jump around in the playback and heard no errors with the audio. It’s a simple thing but it’s the small stuff that makes me happy.

The player is no frills and don’t expect too much in the way of file management. Click the thumbnail to play. You click OK to stop. It’s very basic and very straightforward, but who cares! It works! I’m sure more features will be coming but for right now just be happy with the simple UI.

First there was PDF files and now real AVI files. This iPad is turning into a regular media center!

VLC Media Player for iPad

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