Demo of Windows 7 on HP Slate

I checked out this video of Windows 7 on the HP Slate device and while the hardware itself looks pretty good, the OS experience looks terrible. Its standard Windows shoved into a tablet. It doesn’t seem convenient for touch control at all. It looks like you use the same Start button in the lower corner and pick apps from a list. That is horrible! If that’s really the way this thing is going to work, picking which app to run is going to be a mess. Is MS going to force you to make shortcuts all over the desktop for each app you want to run? They couldn’t just do that in the first place?

If that’s what the user can expect, then the Windows 7 tablet is doomed. Quite frankly you would have to be a masochist to buy this.

As the article states, I think this proves why Windows 7 will never be a success on a tablet.


HP Slate gets demoed on video, shows why Windows 7 isn’t slate ready

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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