Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite drops to $9.99

Well now, this does make things complicated again. Just the other day I wrote about Office apps for the iPad and while Quickconnect was chosen by a lot of people as their favorite Office suite, the $16.99 price tag took it off my list. Mere days later, the price has dropped back down to $9.99 for a limited time.

I was quite set to buy Pages and go with the Apple choice, however, with this price drop I will have to debate that choice some more. Pages gives me word processing. Quickoffice offers word processing, spreadsheets and PowerPoint functionality is expected in the not too distant future. Plus, Quickoffce seems to have better file management and better compatibility with cloud services like Google Docs and Dropbox.

So I thought I had things worked out, but with this new price drop I may have to reconsider. Any Quickoffice or Pages fans want to offer their opinion on which way I should go here?

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, now $9.99




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