Microsoft ditches blogging, embraces WordPress

Quite some time ago Microsoft took up the mantle of blogging and decided to stake their claim in it. The first sign was the creation of Windows Live Writer, which is actually one of the best blogging tools out there. Next, they created a slew of dev style blogs for their employees and kept users informed about products. Additionally, they brought up their own blogging platform under the Windows Spaces name. Blogging was also rolled into Word and Sharepoint. There was an online world out there and Microsoft wanted to be a part of it.

Never heard of Windows Space? Well, apparently neither has anyone else. It seems the platform hasn’t taken off the way Microsoft intended and now the service is going to be shut down. All existing blogs will be handed over to WordPress. Even though Microsoft made a pretty decent blogging tool, people weren’t too excited over their platform. I knew of Spaces, but never used it. Can’t say I know of anyone who did. I suppose if you are a rabid fan of MSN Messenger it might be useful, but it did nothing for me.

I find it interesting MS is handing everyone over to WordPress. At least that’s a smart thing to do. WordPress is synonymous with blogging so at least these users won’t be abandoned.

But this is yet another service that has failed to go anywhere for MS. They seem to have a lot of these now days. Of course I’m curious about the future of Live Writer. Microsoft says they have no plans to get rid of the app, but do we really think they will continue to develop it? Since they’re ditching the service it was made to support, seems the tool will fall to the wayside. It would be a wise idea would be to hand over the Writer code to WordPress as well so they could continue to develop and improve it. And if Writer does get shuttered, will the blogging code be taken out of Word and OneNote?

I have to say I will be disappointed if Live Writer doesn’t continue on. I really like it as a blog editor.

Microsoft makes it official: Windows Live is no longer a blogging platform

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