Corel Paint Shop Pro X3 – $29.98

Corel is having another sale with some pretty drastic savings on Paint Shop Pro X3, Corel Draw and Corel Painter.

Paint Shop Pro X3 has dropped all the way down to $39.99, however, if you do a little magic you can drop that price all the way down to $29.98.

To see the full savings circular, click this link:

From there, click the Upgrade for Paint Shop Pro X3

Next, say No to the upgraded Ultimate version. You should now have PSP in the cart for $39.

With PSPX3 in the cart use the coupon code: BONUSBUCKS20 (for 20% off). The price should now drop to $29.98.

And there you go. The latest version of Paint Shop for less than $30. That’s a pretty impressive deal. The coupon can also be used for the other Corel products.

Have fun!

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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