Looks like they went and broke Zombie Farm

Looks like the latest update to Zombie Farm has sent things right into the toilet. I just updated to the latest version and now the game won’t start. Guess I should have read the reviews before jumping to a new version as everyone is having this problem. Oh well, can’t really complain. Sure it’s a hassle but the game is free and I’m sure they’ll have it worked out by tomorrow. It’s certainly not worth going to iTunes and giving the app a one star rating. That’s just mean to kick them while they’re down. Not very sportsman like people.

Ironically, I updated WordPress and it was causing problems too. I had to remove my blog and add it back again. It kept throwing an error about bad username or password. I guess I picked a hell of a day to upgrade.

Keep your pants on people, it’ll all work out tomorrow.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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