Living Earth HD – The weather and clock app I’ve been waiting for

I just saw there was a price drop on Living Earth HD so I jumped to grab a copy. It pains me that the iPad is missing the world clock and weather applets of the iPhone/iPod, but Living Earth HD is a wonderful replacement that puts both features together in one simple and elegant looking app.

The premise is simple, you get a picture of the globe, you select your cities, the app shows the time and weather for that location. To start, Living Earth gets your current location to display the weather and time. Next, you can easily add your own cities from it’s list. I added Australia, France, the UK and the East Coast. So on the screen you have a simple weather docklet and the current time and date. Click the city and it moves to the next on the list where it updates the time, the weather and the position on the globe. It’s simplicity in action and works beautifully. You can easily scroll through you list of cities and see the current conditions.

Living Earth HD has all the functions I need, plus, it’s a universal app so you get the same great features on the iPod/iPhone. I’m exceedingly happy with how it works. Great layout and simple to use. I was disappointed this was missing from the iPad. I was mad I would have to buy two separate apps to regain that functionality. I’m very happy Living Earth HD has both functions wrapped up in one really nice package.

If you’re looking for a weather app or a world clock, this is the one to get! And get it while it’s on sale!!



Then again, I could be wrong.

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