I missed my chance to grab iDos

Ugh! I can’t believe I missed out on this! I just read the article about iDos over at TouchArcade and of course the app has already been pulled by Apple. It seem a really well written DOS emulator snuck its way into the App Store which allows users to run their old DOS games like Warcraft, Space Quest and even Windows 3.0. But before I could grab a copy to try and run Ultima on the iPad the game is completely gone from the store. No trace of it. Apple must have been none too pleased with what they saw.

The emulator has been thrown out there and those with jailbroken devices can still install and play the emulator. Ohh, the temptation! Too bad Apple has to kill off apps like this. There’s so many games that people want to play which aren’t going to be ported over. I guess they figure running EXE’s on their device is just the first step towards Armageddon!

‘iDOS’ – A Full Featured Universal DOS Emulator That Somehow Got Approved [UPDATE: Windows Installed on iPad; Pulled but Available on Cydia]

This space for rent.

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